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vicodin effects

Have vicodin effects become a drain on your life? Our site discusses matters related to the likes of Vicodin, Norco, Anexsia and Dolocet and their side effects – As well as other types of opiate-based medication. We’ll start with an overview of these types of drug, including their medicinal and ‘recreational’ use (vicodin high), addiction and side effects. We’ll also check out some case studies of people who have suffered through these drugs. After all that, possibly the most important section of this site looks at natural alternatives.

A special tree from the Southeast Asian jungles is proving effective against withdrawal symptoms. The leaves are made into a tea or powdered then encapsulated. When the Kratom is taken orally it will ease the Vicodin’s side effects so you don’t go through the horrific opiate withdrawal symptoms. We focus particularly on Kratom, which comes from many parts of Southeast Asia. From the shores of Thailand too the temples of Cambodia, Kratom trees are harvested for their ‘natural’ vicodin effects.

Recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state from 2000 to 2010 drug overdoses rose from 17,000 to 38,000 that resulted in death.

So what is causing this growing epidemic?

Unfortunately these are the number of people who have overdosed from pharmaceutical and or prescription medication. Shamefully while the number of deaths has trebled, the quantity of prescription medication supplied has quadrupled in the same length of time. In the US alone 22,100 people died from prescription meds, which is more than double that of heroin and cocaine together.

Medical practitioners have increasingly prescribed painkillers such as Vicodin but thought little about the side effects, for those that have been prescribed painkillers for non-terminal conditions such as back pain.  Consequently overdoses have rapidly increased for these types of prescription drugs. This has caused a massive black market for the vicodin high and studies again estimate 12.5 million using prescription meds without a doctor’s supervision.

Vicodin effects are similar to heroin in respect to their pharmacological effects on the brain, binding to the same receptors. While the effects of Vicodin address pain, higher doses cause euphoria and can shut the body down which stops users from breathing.

In the US heroin use has doubled within the last five years, one reason is thought to be the rise in prescription meds. It seems heavy Vicodin users are more likely to start using heroin. The DEA has reported a dramatic increase of heroin being smuggled across the Mexican border in the same period. This increase may be due to the amount of people hooked on the Vicodin effects looking looking to get high or for stronger, cheaper and more readily available heroin.

The opposite is happening in Europe where heroin use is on the decrease, data shows a drop of 20% in drug overdose deaths between 2007 and 2012. Vicodin effects work very well for strong pain management but a strong dependance and high tolerance can you become evident within days of continuous use.

If you are taking any medication on a doctor’s advice, it is very important that you consult with them before changing your dosage or stopping. Vicodin’s effects are highly addictive, it’s a common drug of abuse so your not alone if you have found yourself struggling to combat a prescription meds addiction.

To learn more about a 100% natural alternative that can help you gain control of your life see Kratom Effects